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Following the standards of the Catalan Council for Ecological Production (CCPAE), we cultivate our fields without any synthetic products, using only organic fertilizers obtained from the extensive sheep livestock on the estate, which also help control plant coverage. A considerable number of traps are used to combat plagues typical in the area.
Our groves use a tree-to-tree drip irrigation system, divided into sectors and computerised, meaning there is no visual contamination as a result of irrigation pipes. Furthermore, the pruning system applied means that the olive trees have around 30% more brightness between branches, aiding air and light circulation.

Our philosophy is one of 'creating the oil on the olive tree itself'. Thanks to the care that our trees receive, the result is healthy olives that are manually collected each day, only selecting those that are at their optimum peak of ripeness. We do not collect fallen olives from the group.

We only grow local Morrut, Farga (in dry stone bench terraces), Sevillenca, 'Panisello' and Empeltre (traditionally in 7x7 square areas) olive varieties, using the latest technological developments and our own innovations, which make our production unique.

We transport our crop ourselves using special trucks with aeration trays for separating the product. The average time taken for the collected olives to enter the oil extraction process in our mill is about an hour and a half.

The Mill
Our ecological mill is located in the most strategic point of our estate, as this enables us to shorten times between olive collection and milling. Our olives are converted into the highest quality organic extra virgin olive oil within 3 hours, from the start of harvesting to finish.

Reception and Processing
- Washing
Once the olives have been unloaded in the reception hoppers, they are vented with air and washed with fresh water, free of any chemical products (mineral water). The olives are then transferred to the classification table where damaged olives are removed as well as any excess humidity. They are then transferred to the mill.
From the olive sorting table, the next step involves washing the olives. The olives, the olive paste (malaxed and centrifuged) and the oil (decanter) are all kept at a constant temperature of 25-27 º C.

- Milling
A double mill circuit is used, involving a state-of-the-art disc crusher, and a de-pitting machine.

- Malaxing
The malaxing process properly separates the paste into the different phases. We have two thermal malaxers with a capacity for 900 kg, which are specially designed to be inert and are kept at a constant temperature of 27º C during the malaxing process.

- Horizontal decanter and vertical centrifuge room
The horizontal decanter is the main element of the continuous extraction system. The paste enters the decanter from the malaxers via a single pump. The decanter is responsible for separating the 'alperujo' or two-phase pomace (residue water and pomace) from the oil. Once it has been washed in the decanter, the oil enters the vertical centrifuge where it is centrifuged to finish separating any possible solid particles left behind and the residue water from the extra virgin olive oil. The temperature does not exceed 27º C throughout the whole process.

- Storage
The extra virgin olive oil is stored in a decanting tank for 24 hours and then is transferred to the storage room, where it is stored according to the variety. The tanks are inert and the room is kept at a constant temperature all year round.

-Bottling and shipping
The automatic bottling line with a capacity to bottle 500 bottles an hour, either as 500 ml, 250 ml or 100 ml, and a labelling and capping machine enables us to bottle our oil daily on demand.
The custom manufactured bottle has been designed in black to protect the oil from the light and comes in 500 ml, 250 ml and 100 ml sizes, all being rendered inert to keep the physical-chemical properties of the oils until consumption.
Once bottled, orders are served within the following 24 hours.

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